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Monumen Simbol Persatuan – Berlin

Brandenburger Tor Jerman Selain masyarakat Indonesia yang berebut untuk mencari pendidikan di Eropa terutama negara Jerman, namun negara ini juga menarik minat para pengunjungnya untuk berlibur terutama masyarakat Indonesia. Salah satu kota yang terkenal yaitu Berlin, kota ini merupakan Ibu Kota Jerman. Salah satu simbol utama Kota Jerman yaitu Gerbang Brandenburg (Bahasa Jerman : Brandenburger […]

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Indo Travel News – Places to Visit in Netherlands

Netherlands. One of the countries that must be visited when you vacation to Europe. As we know the Netherlands has thousands of cities in Amsterdam, a city that has buildings with medieval architecture and old canals which are the icons of this city. In addition, Indo Travel has recommendations for places that you must visit […]

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[Indo Travel – News] Russian buses promote Wonderful Indonesia during World Cup

    Amidst the cheers and sportsmanship of the ongoing 2018 World Cup in Russia, some buses featuring the words “Wonderful Indonesia” have been spotted cruising the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Through a press release quoted by KompasTravel, the Tourism Ministry stated that photos of Bali and the Borobudur temple with Wonderful Indonesia […]

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